Happy World Turtle Day!

This tortuguita invites you to help protect sea turtles!

This tortuguita invites you to help protect sea turtles!

What can you do to celebrate and protect sea turtles today (and perhaps every day)?  Here are a few suggestions:

Avoid eating shrimp, as thousands of sea turtles accidentally die in shrimp trawls each year: Protecting Sea Turtles One Shrimp at a Time

Use re-usable bags instead of plastic (turtles mistake them for tasty jellyfish), and reduce your consumption of plastic products: Bag the Plastics

Eat sustainable seafood when possible to ensure fewer sea turtles, marine mammals, and seabirds are unintentionally captured to put surf on your plate: Loving Our Seafood to Death?

There are several regional consumer guides (including handy smart phone apps!) to help you make informed seafood choices, here are a few:

Seafood Watch Pocket Guides from Monterey Bay Aquarium

Blue Ocean Institute Seafood Guides

WWF Sustainable Seafood Consumer Guides

Everyone can help protect sea turtles (and lots of other marine critters), no matter how near or far you live from the ocean.  We’re all connected!

2 responses to “Happy World Turtle Day!

  1. I think the arguments you have put forward makes a lot of sense since these creatures have not being given enough credit. We are all connected in various ways and little little things like not littering does make a significant difference. Sea turtles are endangered species on a global level and if we are not mindful of out actions and be pre cautious when fishing or like like , these creatures will perish sooner or later. i agree with your point of view . Well said !

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